An eclectic, ethereal, enigmatic experience awaits...

This is "the New old-school", This is CJ.

Born and raised in Atlanta, CJ KENDRICKS is an eclectic, intellectual soulsinger, with a masculine bravado and sexy swagger. Heavily influenced by the iconic sounds of Prince, Marvin Gaye, and James Brown, Kendricks layers his vocal arrangements and experiments with composition to achieve a unique, soulful sound. ATL influences from Organized Noize and the Dungeon Family also shine through on CJ's bass heavy production, while frequent collaborator, indie producer JNEW adds his signature drums and R&B/Pop feels to diversify and expand CJ's most appealing vocal and performance qualities. Crafting and performing music is what drives CJ throughout life, and his experiences are woven throughout his music in the layers of production.

A self-professed wordsmith, CJ's lyrics are full of double entendres, yet his writing style and song craft remain straightforward and a true blend of 70s soul, 80s synth-pop, and ATL crunk music with millennial context. Sometimes sex driven, often honestly adventurous, other times socially conscious, Kendricks' songwriting demands the attention of the listener without overwhelming the production. CJ's ease onstage in between songs varies between playful banter, personal anecdotes, and short stabs at stand-up comedy. Taking from his endeavors in dance, acting, and street performance, CJ draws you into a world of his own creation through song and speech, while simultaneously opening an alternate perspective into the world we all share.

Early career:
Leaf Letters EP
Sk8Boards & Ninja Swords - mixtape
String Theory LP

Straddling Fences - single
Fame vs Infamy EP
Why I Started (Getting High) - single
Shake It - single

CJ Kendricks has an agenda... to make you move: move toward that something you've been wanting, move up, move out, move through whatever wall is in your way.... move on the dance floor!

Fame vs. Infamy is Kendrick's solo debut, and a release of hopeful, animating music...the kind that generates energy, and makes you delightfully aware of its creator. CJ's omnipresent physicality resides firmly within each note (making his live shows a must).

Kendricks croons with a smoothness that betrays his raucous energy. Never detached from his physical self, and laden with emotion, his voice is impressive for its character and range, but the capacity of his sound is where the real fun lives. Sometimes thick with an emotional impatience, we're often prepped for eruption...and then we're led to jittery exhalation, as he thins it all out for us to internalize the more vulnerable moments.

CJ's childhood and early education were spent in Atlanta, sponging up the vast and gilded musical stage that is Atlanta. We hear this in his Motown and gospel inspired vocals, as they wisp and drop over 80s-pop synths and bottom-heavy hip-hop beats.

He spent his artistic education and early twenties in Savannah, among the storied cities' self- surrendering, expectant artists. This is where he refined the technical proficiency and street artistry that pervades his music and live performances. Savannah and its eternal summer seem embodied in Kendricks' music: always teetering on delirium, driving souls to keep on keepin' on so the heat doesn't simply consume them. His music speaks to us anecdotally: when sweat is a permanent fixture, you might as well dance yourself to dirty.

As frontman and namesake of local Atlanta indie rockers, CJ & the Chronics, CJ immersed in the sounds of funk and rock; a history and eccentricity we hear in the carefully constructed contributions of his guitar and piano.

But, the performance is key. Kendricks is a true 'song and dance' man, and even if you've never seen his genre-spanning, time-warping, dance- party show (you most definitely should), you can always hear it lurking beneath the track itself. A swank and assured athleticism reveals CJ's highly influential b-boy days and dance training, and propels his performances.

Less 'audience', more 'party guests'; those who attend can't help but remain buoyant and him, always moving...and that's exactly what CJ wants.

Penned by Dudley Gallenberger.